Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Erectile Dysfunction during Teenage Years:

You would never think that teenage Erectile Dysfunction would be a question and concern! But believe it or not it is a fact that is very much prevalent! There are lots of teenagers out there suffering from this frustrating condition. It is a condition that brings about difficulties in either maintain or sustaining a firm Erection. Though the condition is more common in older men, it is also faced by teenagers.

Causes of Teen Erectile dysfunction:
There are two major causes of Erectile dysfunction - Physical and psychological causes
The physical reason that causes ED is alcohol or drug abuse. Another cause might be an injury to the groin area which leads to nerve damage and thus affects erectile power. Smoking tobacco may also have an effect on a teenager’s capability to maintain an Erection firm enough. The psychological reasons stem from stress and anxieties surrounding sex.

Effects of Erectile Dysfunction:
The effects of teenage Erectile Dysfunction can be enormous on a teenager’s self confidence. It may harm their ego and bring about embarrassment.

How to naturally overcome the problem:
Regular exercises and a good diet is the best approach to promote a proper blood flow to the penis that will solve erectile dysfunction naturally. Beside, avoiding alcohol and tobacco also proves to be very helpful.
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