Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Signs and symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Sex is a wonderful thing between a man and a woman and when a man is not able to satisfy his partner in bed, it leads to a lot of frustration and discomfort and can also lead to break up in relationships.  If a man does not get proper erection he cannot have a satisfying sexual intercourse.  Erectile dysfunction occurs to any man but it can be overcome now with safe natural ways. 

The signs and symptoms when you suffer from erectile dysfunction are a decreased sex drive when you no longer feel like having sex and are not attracted to it anymore.  Another sign of ED is soft or weak erections in spite of their partners trying to please or turn them on.  If you suffer from erectile dysfunction you will not be able to get proper erections and will not be able to sustain the erection for a longer period of time.  If you are worried or stressed or anxious then you are not able to get involved in the sexual act and you lose your confidence.  No matter how much your partner wants to keep you happy you still withdraw from her and this reluctance can have a problem with your sex drive which leads to impotency.

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