Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Harder erections with safe herbal supplements

The main physical problem that leads to sexual dissatisfaction is  erectile dysfunction which rules out pleasurable sex life.  Every man wants to have harder and long lasting erections as sexual intercourse is linked with pleasure and orgasms.  Many young men today are suffering from erectile dysfunction and is due to a damaging effect of physical or mental disorders.  The main causes for erectile dysfunction in younger men are due to breaking down of the immune system, damage to vital organs of the body, functional abnormality of the sex system, hormonal disorder and inadequate response to sexual stimuli.  The habit of smoking and drinking harms the erectile function of the penis as it shrinks the blood vessels and restricts blood flow to the penile area and loses its normal erection due to inadequate stimulation and the gradual loss of erectile capacity leads to erectile dysfunction.   

To keep an erection firm a man should last long and delay ejaculation and when one ejaculates soon or if premature ejaculation is frequent then it can cause erectile dysfunction.  There are herbal anti impotency supplements and is one of the best options to curb erectile dysfunction in men.  These supplements are made of natural herbs and vitamins that helps to enhance erectile functions – learn more   www.vigaplus.com

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