Sunday, November 15, 2009

Physical Factors behind Male Impotence!!

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is not by itself a disease however it is a secondary condition raised by other primary causes. These primary causes may be either physical or psychological. Psychological impotence comes on suddenly rather than over a long period of time. However physical impotence takes time to occur. The physical factors which are responsible for impotence are venous factors, neurological factors medication factors and hormonal factors. These involve:

Diabetes: It is the major cause of impotence that causes damage to large and small blood vessels. This disease affects peripheral nerves also which restricts the brain to transmit its wishes to the body.

Blood Vessels Diseases: Artherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries may reduces flexibility of the tissues accompanied by a decrease in the inside diameter of the vessel. If heart or coronary vessels are obstructed, it produces heart attacks; when brain blood vessels are obstructed, it produces strokes however when penile blood vessels are obstructed, it produces impotence.

Pelvic Surgery: Radical pelvic surgery is a major cause of impotence. In this surgery surgeons cut through flesh to get to the prostate, colon and the bladder. However sometime it may severely damage the penile nerves causing impotence

Spinal Cord Injuries: It may also lead to impotence

Endocrine Problems: Endocrine disorders may affect the normal functioning of vital hormones causing impotence. Testosterone is a hormone needed for a healthy sex life. Less production of thyroid hormone may leads to low quality erections.

Prescription Drugs: There are over 250 drugs that are associated with impotence including anti-hypertensives, Psychotropics, endocrine etc.

Substance Abuse: It includes wine, beer, cigarette, whiskey, illegal drugs like heroin, cocaine, methadone etc

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