Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Effective Ayurvedic Tips to Get Rid of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a very common sexual disorder faced by majority of men. It is characterized by the inability to sustain erection during sexual intercourse. It can occur at any age. Erectile dysfunction is also termed as impotence. Though a number of synthetic and herbal medications are available in the market to cure this sexual disorder but you can also get over it with simple effective tips like-
• Limit the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol may act on central nervous system affecting the circulation of blood causing erectile dysfunction.
• Avoid smoking as it leads to the formation of plaques in arteries which restricts the flow of blood towards genital region and other parts of the body causing erectile dysfunction
• Avoid long working hours. Try to take a break and spend time with your partner in weekends
• Practice yoga and meditation regularly as they keep you away from stress, anxiety and depression.
• Fear of not performing well on bed also leads to erectile dysfunction. It comes under psychological ED
• Maintain a good atmosphere around you at home as it stimulates your sexual desire.
• Try to exercise regularly as it improves the functioning of cardiovascular system. Brisk walk for 45 – 50 minutes is BEST.
• Obesity may leads to certain diseases like hypertension, diabetes etc which may results in erectile dysfunction. Thus keep your weight under control which will help you to increase testosterone level and sexual stamina.
• Addiction to certain substances like cocaine, heroin and marijuana may cause erectile dysfunction.
• Avoid indulging in excess masturbation. Masturbating twice in a week is healthy
• Massaging the whole body with herbal oil once in a week will help you increase your sexual desire, stamina and energy
• Take a sound sleep for about 8 hours in a day
• Keep your bladder empty before going to bed with your partner
• Prevent constipation and indigestion
• A gap of at least four days between two consecutive intercourses will be good
• Avoid spicy, bitter and hot foods which can cause indigestion.

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