Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weight Issues and Erectile Dysfunction

Research and statistics point out to a fact that men who exercise for around 3 hours each week have 40% less chances of developing erectile dysfunction. However, if you are not watching your weight or getting yourself exercised it is time you start right away to avoid any kind of sexual problems. Many studies also point out that having vegetarian food more often along with regularly exercising also plays in role in keeping erectile dysfunction at bay.

Erectile dysfunction or impotence refers to the consistent incapability to maintain or sustain a firm erection. There are many causes of erectile dysfunction. Some of the common causes include damage to the nerves and arteries that are responsible for causing an erection. Other causes of ED include diabetes, too much of alcohol consumption, atherosclerosis, and neurologic disease.

Erectile dysfunction results when the blood flow to the penis is limited. This causes a failure to gain an erection. Atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries also affects the blood supply in the blood vessels, which affects healthy circulation to all parts of the body including the penis. A vegetarian diet is the best way to treat artery blockage and thus subsequently treat erectile dysfunction naturally.

Being vegetarian is however not an easy task to undertake. However, by just increasing the fruit and vegetable intake, you can improve your erection quality.
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